Fond Farewell Platte Valley!

To my Platte Valley family from Evelyn Wiant:

Some of you may already know that I will be moving to San Antonio, Texas next week. My final day at PVMC is this Friday, so this will be my last ICE Newsletter with you all.

The last six years in this special place have been rewarding and joyful – I have never worked anywhere else where the phrase “we’re family” actually means what it says. As I’ve counted down the weeks to my departure, so many of you have checked on me, as this move has been highly stressful, and given me hugs or offered to help. The relationships between our Platte Valley coworkers are truly priceless and without compare.

I am so proud to be taking the story of Platte Valley with me – to be able to talk about a place where the employees are real friends, where their commitment to the community they serve is deep, and where a spirit of greatness is inspired within all staff, no matter how we contribute to this hospital.

Thank you very much for the growth and the friendship, Platte Valley. I will miss you.

Evelyn Wiant

P.S. I promise to visit when I’m in town!


BIG 3rd Floor Moves Taking Place This Week

Within two weeks construction crews will officially begin their construction on our new 3rd floor inpatient unit. To make room for 28 new beds, we have the final departments moving from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor.

Starting on Monday, the following departments will open in their new spaces:

  • Human Resources, Occupational Health, Finance/Accounting, PVMC Foundation and the Medical Staff Office will move into the new space by the conference center (see map)
  • Patient Relations Advocate will move into the old cashier’s office by the front desk.
  • Service Excellence Director will move into an office in the corridor by the front desk.
  • Community Outreach will move to suite 2310 on the third floor of Medical Plaza 2.

Girls’ Night Out Honors over 800 Women in One Night

Seven years ago, Platte Valley created a women’s health event to help women learn more about the services provided at the hospital. Little we know back then that Girls’ Night Out would become a highly anticipated retreat for thousands of local women.

This year’s event drew a public crowd of over 800, nearly 70 vendors, and 125 volunteers. In addition, the event was a fundraiser for the Women’s Services fund of the Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation that is expected to raise over $18,000.

There were activities around every corner to help women create their best healthy life! There was a live band with dancing, a powerful keynote speaker, yoga demonstrations, a live cooking show, and learning sessions with happiness tips and a mind/body experience. In addition, there was an Ask-a-Doctor tent, health screenings, life-saving CPR lessons, and an art therapy center. Below are a few of comments from attendees:

“Where do I begin, there’s so much I could say about how fun, educational and inspiring this event was, it was far greater than any of my expectations and was a time to spend with my sister and mingle with lots of new faces!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Well done to every single person who had a hand in it!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!”

“What a truly great event! So absolutely positive, empowering, educational, gastronomically pleasing and just really truly FUN!!! Whomever was involved in organizing and executing this huge event deserves serious acclamation! All of these beautiful woman coming together to celebrate and affirm ourselves is truly a joy! Thank you so much Platte Valley!!”

“I loved the fact that this is for Women of all ages. As soon as you walk through the doors, the vibe is uplifting and exciting. It’s easy to talk to the vendors about heath related topics and it’s presented in an easy going but straight forward fashion. In the end, Girls’ Night Out makes caring about ourselves fun and fashionable! I’m hooked and have promised myself to go every year. It also lets me connect with my daughter and mother to let them know that in order to care for others, we must first care for ourselves…. very important!! Thank you for providing us with such a lovely evening!!”

“I have learned that there is no “dumb” question. Girls’ Night Out takes away the stigma that if you don’t talk about what’s going on, it’ll just go
away. Here at GNO, you are encouraged to talk

and to take action! I have realized that I am not alone in my healthcare journey….together we are strong and a welcoming sisterhood is offered. Seeing so many women together makes me feel powerful and encouraged in knowing we are all in this together.”

What began as a marketing event in 2011 has truly grown into a sisterhood – which was this year’s theme – occupied by women learning new ways to improve their health while socializing and fulfilling their emotional needs as well.


Here are some more fun photos:


















You can view all of the photos on our Facebook page or via this link: https://sclhealthsystem.box.com/s/tynixmldvw8i6xfwygoqon9k7mw8sxdn

Employee and Community Flu Clinics

Protect yourself and our patients by getting yourself vaccinated against seasonal flu.

All employees, volunteers, and medical staff must receive a flu shot before October 31. This is a firm deadline! The flu vaccine is mandatory unless you have an approved exemption. There are only two “approved” exemptions for the influenza vaccination

  • a documented, severe (life-threatening) allergy to eggs or to other components of the influenza vaccine
  • a history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome within six weeks following a previous dose of influenza vaccine.

Please contact Employee Health at x1495 as soon as possible if you have an exemption.

The seasonal flu vaccine is free for all employees. Each employee who receives the vaccination will also receive candy and a fountain drink coupon. Vaccines are available on the following dates:

  • October 9, 6:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m., Bistro
  • October 12, 6:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m., Conf C•October 19, 6:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m., Conf C•October 30, 6:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m., Conf C
  • For night shift staff, the House Supervisor will be available to give the shot

We also have a few community clinics available. Community Flu Clinics Open to employees and their families. Held in the conference center.

  • Drive Thru & Walk-In Clinic, Saturday, September 29, 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Walk-In Only, Saturday, October 20, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

If you’d like to get your flu shot from a non-PVMC clinic, you will need to bring in proof of your vaccination in order to be compliant.

The Farm Comes to PVMC Every Monday!

You may have noticed the cute farmer’s market style stand that has popped up in our Bistro the last two Mondays. This produce comes from Kristin’s Farm-Stand, who will be joining us every Monday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., year-round to sell their organic produce and share the story of their farm… which is located less than 3 miles away from the hospital! The farm stand accepts card or cash! Click here to download a flyer with more information about Kristin’s Farm-Stand.

The Bistro has cooler space available for those who would like to store their produce, eggs, and meat until you are ready to take it home for the day. Please reach out to Janet Rausch at ext. 1699 or me if you have any questions!

Annual Bistro Satisfaction Survey

The Silver Aspen Bistro, managed by Sodexo, is passionate about providing excellent food and service. You are invited to share your feedback via a brief questionnaire. Your response will allow the Bistro staff to better understand your needs and work towards enhancing the dining experience of the associates, patients, and visitors at Platte Valley Medical Center.  They are open to any feedback in the comments section for all of our services, but please could keep your survey responses linked to just the Bistro.

Your completed response will ensure your opinion and views are received and should take less than 15 minutes. Please complete your survey by  Sept 30, 2018.


In return for your participation, you will receive a coupon for 1 FREE Small Fountain Drink that can be redeemed with the cashier in the Bistro.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and help us in our continual improvement process.  If you have any questions, please email Hannah at Hannah.Murphy@sclhs.net or by calling x1680.

The View From You Reminder

By now, many of us have taken the time to complete our system survey, The View From You. In fact, we currently have a 67% completion rate – the 2nd highest participation rate in the Front Range region! As always, we strive to hit 100% participation rates. Now is the time to ask yourself, what is working well and what opportunities do we have as an organization to improve. 
What happens if we reach each participation milestone?
  • We will draw for 6 prizes every Friday.  Those six winners will receive either a SCL Store gift certificate, Kindle, Fit Bit or Echo Dot.
  • Department Goals:  Those departments that reach 70% participation will receive snacks for the entire department.  Those that reach 80% – get a pizza party.
  • Overall Hospital: If we reach 75% participate rate, we will do a Jelly Belly party for the entire hospital.  If we reach 80% –  Platte Valley T-shirts for all staff.  IF we reach 90% – BOTH!
  • To encourage some healthy competition, if Platte Valley has the highest participation rates of all the Denver Care Sites – Pizza Party for the entire Hospital!
You should have received an email on Tuesday September 4, from Press Ganey, our survey vendor, containing a link to the online survey and a unique password. To access the confidential survey from your work computer, simply click the link and enter the unique password provided in the email. This password is unique to you so please do not share or forward it to other associates.
Additionally, we wanted to share some Key Terms with you to assist you when filling out the survey.  You can also find a link to these key terms on top of the first page of the survey.   When you see the term…
  • Organization: consider SCL Health.
  • Senior Management: If you work at a care site, consider senior management to be the members of the senior leadership team which includes the Care Site President, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Finance, Chief Medical Officer, Vice President of Mission Integration.
  • The person I report to: consider the person you report to directly; the person who conducts your performance evaluation.
  • Work unit: consider the group of employees you work with on a regular basis, usually reporting to one manager.
  • Associates: consider the people who work for SCL Health.

Only 2 Days Left to Sign Up for Mandatory HRO Training

Every PVMC hospital associate is required and compensated to attend one training session. The number of seats are limited by the size of our conference rooms so register for your preferred session no later than August 31.


Platte Valley is committed to safely delivering care and eliminating harm for patients and associates. In fact, the entire SCL Health System wants to increase patient safety – that’s why all care sites in the system are working to become High Reliability Organizations (HRO). What does that mean?

Accidents sometimes occur in hospitals because our work is risky and complex. HRO’s are organizations that have succeeded in avoiding accidents and catastrophes despite their high-risk environments. To reach our goal of becoming one of these organizations, everyone who works here will need to be involved and trained on how and why errors occur. We’ll also need to adopt safety behaviors that will improve our safety culture.

To help you learn these skills, a Healthstream assignment sent via e-mail will allow you to register for a two hour training course. HRO training courses are scheduled at various times and on multiple days in our conference center through September. Every PVMC hospital associate is required and compensated to attend one training session. The number of seats are limited by the size of our conference rooms so register for your preferred session as soon as possible and no later than August 31. Sign up to learn more about your role in making PVMC an HRO!

For questions please contact Patient Safety Manager Colleen Casaceli at 303-498-1553.

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